What’s New at The Academy of Dance & Theatre Arts?

Arts Sunday: June 9th

I have finally been given some information on Arts Sunday, 9th June.

It is an entirely free day, no tickets are required and no entry fees. We have been given an 11.15 slot (will see if I can get a slightly later one but for now stick with 11.15) so please aim to be down in St Peter Port by at least 11, if not 10.45. I will be down there from
around 9am anyway at the Academy’s stall.

The floor is roughly the same size as the studio, and will be opposite Marks and Spencer’s/HSBC.

Sadly there are no changing rooms, apart from the public toilets at the Bus Terminus or Crown Pier, so I suggest changing before leaving and putting on something over the top.

The running order will go thus:

The Pink Panther
Elisha Horsepool
Rebekah Le Friec
Ewan Mauger
Olivia Le Friec
Lia Tostevin

And finally, even if you aren’t performing please come down and support your fellow students!


Groups Photoshoot timetable

Below you can see the photoshoot timetable for 17th March.

Please arrive 20mins before your allotted time.

Please bring all costumes and accessories with you, and slick back hair neatly.

The Lost Amulet 10.00-10.10

The Playroom 10.10-10.20

Hairspray 10.20-10.30

The Pink Panther 10.30-10.40

Flower Festival 10.40-10.50

Sh-Boom 11.00-11.10

Tap Tap 11.10-11.20

One Night Only 11.20-11.30

Bingo Bango 11.30-11.40

Now We Are Free 11.40-11.50

Day At The Park 12.00-12.10

Pencil Full of Lead 12.10-12.20

Primavera 12.20-12.30

Le Onde 12.30-12.40

The Scare Floor 12.40-12.50

Tapping In The Rain 12.50-13.00




A New Class: Introduction to Tap & Modern

NEW AFTER HALF TERM: Introduction to tap and modern

From 15.30-16.15 on Mondays!

Suitable for reception year children (4-5 years old).
This class will involve 20 minutes of Tap dance and 20 minutes of Modern Theatre dance, with a 5 minute interval for children to remove their tap shoes and socks.
The Tap section of the class will involve starting the children off with the basics of tap dancing, how to make effective noise with their shoes, developing co-ordination and musicality, and the beginnings of rhythm within dance along to fun and modern music.
The Modern Theatre section of the class will be based around the ISTD Primary modern theatre syllabus, a fun and free form of dance. This will develop co-ordination, listening, moving in time with music and also the valuable skill of standing still.
If you would like to book your child in for a free trial lesson, please ring Miss King on 07781 414 940 or email enquiries@thedanceacademy.org.

Festival of Dance roundup

Huge congratulations to all students taking part in the Dance Festival, and thank you to all chaperones and anyone who helped with hair, make up or ballet shoe tying!
Here is a list of our achievements from last week.


On 30th January there will be a 16 page supplement in the Guernsey Press on the Festival of Dance 2013. Make sure you get one!


Megan Gallienne Song and Dance B

Lily-Wyatt Nicolle Character Ballet A

Eliza Mason Modern B


Charlie Kasparis Ballet Primary

Rebekah Le Friec Ballet B

Lily-Mae Trenchard Ballet D

Alice Dewsnip Tap E

Kirsty Dempster Song and Dance D

Jessica Quittenden Modern D


Under 9 Modern The Pink Panther

11 and Under 20 Ballet Primavera

Emily Gregson Ballet Primary

Clemmie Reid Ballet Primary

Ewan Mauger Tap B

Ewan Mauger Ballet B

Ewan Mauger Modern B

Megan Gallienne Ballet B

Elisha Horsepool Tap B

Alice Dewsnip Modern E

Lia Tostevin Tap E

Lily-Mae Trenchard Modern D

Abigail Dempster Song and Dance C

Emily McLaughlin Character Ballet D

Mia Quintal Modern C

Alicia Powell Song and Dance A

Claire and Emma Powell Song and Dance Duets under 13 years


Under 9 tap Sh-Boom

9 & Under 13 modern Bingo Bango

9 & Under 13 tap Tap Tap

11 & Under 20 modern Now We Are Free

11 & Under 20 tap Tapping In The Rain

11 & Under 20 tap Pencil Full of Lead

11 & Under 20 ballet Le Onde

Hannah Langlois Tap B

Hannah Langlois Modern B

Emily McLaughlin Modern D

Tillie Green Modern D


Under 9 ballet The Lost Amulet

Under 9 ballet The Playroom

11 & Under 20 tap Dreamgirls

Adele Carre Modern E

9 and Under 13 Modern  You Can’t Stop the Beat


2012 Exam success in Ballet, Tap and Modern

I am very pleased to be able to announce the results of the ISTD Exams which were taken in June, where we achieved 4 passes, 67 merits and 54 distinctions!

I hope you are all very pleased with your results! All of your hard work and dedication to classes – including some extra rehearsals at the weekend, late at night and early in the morning – has clearly paid off; it was a very successful session.

Here are the results in detail:




DISTINCTION – Clemmie Reid, Anna Wessels, Charlotte Duquemin, Emily Gregson, Celestine Mahieux.
MERIT – Alexandra Dorey, Grace Coulson, Melissa Hunt, Beatrice Haynes, Joni-May Lowe, Madison Mountford, Rosie Merrett, Delphine Riley, Shelby Timms, Isabelle Tardivel.
PASS – Catherine Becker.

Grade 1:
DISTINCTION – Christina Salisbury, Abigail Peek.
MERIT – Sophie Duquemin, Talia Nuttall, Leonie Tustin, Ellie-Mae Le Tissier, Eve Le Sauvage.

Grade 2:
DISTINCTION – Katie Connolly, Alice Hunt, Elisha Horsepool, Rebekah Le Friec, Claire Powell, Emma Powell, Giorgia Phillips, Abigail Tustin.
MERIT – Claudia Garnham, Amandine Harris, Nicole Hubert, Iririki Le Conte, Imogen Mitchenall, Lily Reid, Connie Robins, Esmee Robinson, Emma Torode, Caitlin Strachan, Sophie Wilcox.

Grade 3:
DISTINCTION – Hannah Langlois, Arabella Manheim, Eliza Mason, Ewan Mauger, Mia Quintal.
MERIT – Nicolle Forrest, Elisabeth Laurent, Martha Morgan, Clare Mawson, Georgia New, Emily Vhadra, Mary Veillard, Maddi Wickins.

Grade 4:
DISTINCTION – Olivia Le Friec, Emily McLaughlin
MERIT – Nicole Brache, Abigail Dempster, Ellen Fell, Tillie Green, Robyn Munro, Ellie Mauger, Charlotte Reynolds, Jessica Quittenden, Eleanor Wallis
PASS – Isabelle Tustin

Grade 5:
MERIT – Lily-Mae Trenchard, Jenna Tostevin
PASS – Katie Symons

MERIT: Lia Tostevin
PASS: Alice Dewsnip



Grade 1:
DISTINCTION – Emily Gregson, Amy Haines, Clemmie Reid
MERIT – Joni-May Lowe, Celestine Mahieux

Grade 2:
DISTINCTION – Bliss Billson, Christina Salisbury
MERIT – Ellie-Mae Le Tissier, Leonie Tustin

Grade 4:
DISTINCTION – Abigail Dempster, Olivia Le Friec
MERIT – Olivia Fraser, Renee Hubert, Natasha Luggar, Megan Mahy, Robyn Munro, Isabelle Tustin, Eleanor Wallis.

Grade 5:
DISTINCTION – Alice Allen, Nicole Brache, Emily Mc Laughlin, Jessica Quittenden.
MERIT – Deanna Ferguson, Ellen Fell, Tillie Green, Kitty Maddison

Grade 6:
DISTINCTION – Adele Carre, Alice Dewsnip, Olivia De La Mare
MERIT: Tasmin Ferguson, Phoebe Morgan, Victoria Perrio, Alanna Roussel, Samantha Sweeney.



DISTINCTION – Isabelle Tardivel
MERIT – Lea Phillips

Grade 1:
DISTINCTION – Bliss Billson, Alicia Powell, Emily Mourant
MERIT – Fabienne Leathem, Talia Nuttall

Grade 2:
DISTINCTION – Marina Haynes, Elisha Horsepool, Hannah Langlois, Rebekah Le Friec, Imogen Mitchenall, Ingrid Morley, Claire Powell, Emma Powell, Giorgia Phillips, Abigail Tardivel

Grade 6:
DISTINCTION – Alice Dewsnip, Lia Tostevin
MERIT: Vicky Perrio

DISTINCTION – Eleanor Van Leuven
MERIT – Rebecca Case

Welcome to our new web site

Hello everyone and welcome to the new Dance Academy website!

First of all I’d like to thank you all for your support and loyalty through the school change-over period. I’m very excited to be starting the first term as the principal of the Dance Academy.

Finally, have you ‘liked’ our new Facebook page? Updated regularly, it’s an instant source of information about the latest happenings and news. You can find the Facebook page by clicking on ‘home’ (above) and you’ll find a link on the left.

Here’s to a successful Autumn 2012 term!