The “Growth” Mindset

Using the Growth Mindset in Dance

In 2008, Stanford University psychologist Carol Dweck detailed her “mindset” research in the book, Mindset: the New Psychology of Success.

In the book, Dweck showed that people tend to fall into two categories when faced with having to learn new things or develop a new skill or deal with a challenge.

Those with a ‘fixed’ mindset believe that their skills and capabilities are innate and can’t be changed, and that what they are capable of doing is all about them as a person, part of their identity. Such people tend to avoid challenges, give up easily and receive criticism as a personal insult.

By way of contrast, those with a ‘growth’ mindset see their skills as something that they can develop and improve on through effort. Such people are up for a challenge, use criticism as a way of getting better and aren’t afraid of having a go, even if they end up messing up.

Below you can watch a quick video that explains the two mindsets and you won’t be surprised to hear that at ADTA we encourage the ‘growth’ approach through gentle encouragement and exploration in all our classes and genres.