“My daughter has been with Miss King since she was in reception. She currently does ballet, tap and modern in Year 2. Miss King has a good balance of discipline, kindness and is always helpful. My daughter really has fun and learns a lot in the dance lessons because Miss King makes them fun, varied and current. The dance school also enters many dance competitions both locally and away and so there is opportunity to see and be part of a bigger picture.”
Claire S

“Miss King so is good with them especially little ones. They have so many opportunities to perform on the stage. That means they can build confidence.”
Huimin M

“My daughter has been coming to ballet classes since she was two and the preschool and now reception ballet are run so well they learn without even realizing as its done in such a fun creative way. She even got to take part in a performance on stage and is still so proud! Definitely helped her overcome being very shy.”
Sofie O

“My daughter has been dancing at this school since she was 4 yrs old, she is now 14 and still enjoys her dancing as much as she did then. Rhianna is a versatile tutor and her relaxed approach to teaching has an amazing effect on the children, it’s fun inventive and exciting for all ages . Miffy also is an amazing tutor, her ballet and Greek classes are a must for all ages. Both the school and tutors have excellent experience and achievements. Lily has enjoyed every minute at the school and continues to do so . Regards to both Rhianna and Miffy for all their effort and support throughout the years.
Donna W

“My daughter is only 4, so just starting out. I would like to say how lovely Miss King is with the little ones. She is patient and caring, while encouraging them to be their best. She creates a warm and nurturing environment and this gives them confidence. We look forward to many happy years at the school.”
Sarah P

“The Academy is my daughter’s second home! Rhianna is a friendly and attentive principal who cares deeply about her students.”
Flo C

“I have been going to the school since I was 6, have competed in competitions and exams and never felt under prepared, under pressure or bored throughout the years. Miss King is an excellent teacher who relates well to us and keeps her students and studio facilities in order to provide us with the best dance education possible.”
Jenna T

“Neither (of my daughters) are naturally confident in the spotlight but with yours and Miss Miffy’s support I have seen their confidence grow. They love dancing and my only issue is trying to keep the number of genres to a manageable number!”
Fiona G