Tapathon 2019!

Thank you to those of you who have registered an interest in taking part in the Tapathon this November.

Having reviewed the routine I think all students in Grade 2 upwards should be fine to learn the full routine, and any students in Grade 1 or Primary/adult tappers wishing to take part should contact me and I will arrange lessons in the simplified routine, or if any Grade 2+ students are having problems with the harder routine I’m happy to switch them to the simplified one!

Below are the rehearsals over the summer:

Monday 12th August 17.30-18.30
Monday 19th August 17.30-18.30
Friday 30th August 13.15-14.00

Further rehearsals will take place on Sunday mornings when we start back in September.

On the day the routine will be danced twice through, funds are raised for Children in Need through purchasing a t-shirt to be worn on the day (and that can be worn in class afterwards).