School concerts 2019

Thank you to everyone that supported our school by attending our concerts 2019, I hope you have throughly enjoyed watching the sheer level of talent that our school has!

In the front of our programme I mentioned most of this year’s goings on and achevements, but I also need to mention the Guernsey festival of dance that dancers in Year 1 upwards participated in.

We achieved 2 trophies, one to Ewan Mauger for the most promising competitor 13 & under 20 years, selected by the adjudicator, and the other to Jemima Vhadra for Classical Greek under 13yrs.

We also achieved 5 first places, 10 second places, 13 third places, and 7 fourth places, just one mark behind placing. The standard of dance is ever increasing in Guernsey, and I am very pleased to say that we are keeping up with the crowd.

I have a few additional thank yous to make:

Staff at the performing arts centre, Sam & Russ on lighting

Olly Tracey and Kit Gillson filming all three concerts

Our student helpers in Pre-school & Reception ballet, and Under 9 ballet B – Joni-May and Abigail

All chaperones over the past 3 performances for exceptional hard work and a very slick running of the running order – no matter how quick the changes!

My senior dancers who have been so helpful with my little dancers, helping take them to and from the stage and give them plenty of pep talks!

Thank you Robyn, Ingrid, Sue, Abigail and Miffy for music operating, and Abigail again for taking beautiful photos from side of stage.

I had a much larger costume team this time around, so thank you to Jo, Niki, Davinia and Charlotte for all their help on sourcing, sizing, ordering costumes, not to mention helping come up with themes in the first place, looking at shoes, accessories, props… the list truly is endless.

I know he’s not here, but thank you to James and his brother Chris for lugging the props from the studio to Beau Sejour, Beau Sejour to the studio, the studio to here, and in advance for taking all of them back to the studio again when we’re done!

And finally to Miss Miffy – for amazing choreography and concepts, for all of your hard work supporting and training our dancers, and for supporting me through my most challenging Festival season yet. We are all incredibly grateful for your time, attention to detail, and the passion you bring to your classes.

Our last section of my little speech before I release you all is our little award ceremony.

Miss Miffy and I have been deep in discussion, and these awards are given irrespective of placings or awards at the Dance Festival. They are awarded to children that have stood out to us over the past year for their hard work and determination to reach their goals and personal achievements.

My mini award this year is shared between Chloe Ferbrache & Ruby Le Poidevin.

My Junior award is also shared between Joni-May Lowe, Amelie Sheridan and Grace Purvis.

My senior award is also, you guessed it, shared, between Lani Girard and Elisha Horsepool.

I would also like to bring forwards a few people for mentions:

Lyra Jordan, Tallulah Hutchison, Jemima Vhadra, Abigail Peek and Nicole Hubert.

Finally, we have some students that have just danced their last concerts with the Academy. These students have been with the school for years, some since they were tiny and others joined in recent years. Either way, their presence will be sorely missed, and we know you will go on to achieve great things. Thank you to Ewan, Emma, Georgia, Amy, Ivy, Ingrid, Ellie, Imogen and Abigail T for all of your hard work over the years that I have had the pleasure of teaching you for.