2012 Exam success in Ballet, Tap and Modern

I am very pleased to be able to announce the results of the ISTD Exams which were taken in June, where we achieved 4 passes, 67 merits and 54 distinctions!

I hope you are all very pleased with your results! All of your hard work and dedication to classes – including some extra rehearsals at the weekend, late at night and early in the morning – has clearly paid off; it was a very successful session.

Here are the results in detail:




DISTINCTION – Clemmie Reid, Anna Wessels, Charlotte Duquemin, Emily Gregson, Celestine Mahieux.
MERIT – Alexandra Dorey, Grace Coulson, Melissa Hunt, Beatrice Haynes, Joni-May Lowe, Madison Mountford, Rosie Merrett, Delphine Riley, Shelby Timms, Isabelle Tardivel.
PASS – Catherine Becker.

Grade 1:
DISTINCTION – Christina Salisbury, Abigail Peek.
MERIT – Sophie Duquemin, Talia Nuttall, Leonie Tustin, Ellie-Mae Le Tissier, Eve Le Sauvage.

Grade 2:
DISTINCTION – Katie Connolly, Alice Hunt, Elisha Horsepool, Rebekah Le Friec, Claire Powell, Emma Powell, Giorgia Phillips, Abigail Tustin.
MERIT – Claudia Garnham, Amandine Harris, Nicole Hubert, Iririki Le Conte, Imogen Mitchenall, Lily Reid, Connie Robins, Esmee Robinson, Emma Torode, Caitlin Strachan, Sophie Wilcox.

Grade 3:
DISTINCTION – Hannah Langlois, Arabella Manheim, Eliza Mason, Ewan Mauger, Mia Quintal.
MERIT – Nicolle Forrest, Elisabeth Laurent, Martha Morgan, Clare Mawson, Georgia New, Emily Vhadra, Mary Veillard, Maddi Wickins.

Grade 4:
DISTINCTION – Olivia Le Friec, Emily McLaughlin
MERIT – Nicole Brache, Abigail Dempster, Ellen Fell, Tillie Green, Robyn Munro, Ellie Mauger, Charlotte Reynolds, Jessica Quittenden, Eleanor Wallis
PASS – Isabelle Tustin

Grade 5:
MERIT – Lily-Mae Trenchard, Jenna Tostevin
PASS – Katie Symons

MERIT: Lia Tostevin
PASS: Alice Dewsnip



Grade 1:
DISTINCTION – Emily Gregson, Amy Haines, Clemmie Reid
MERIT – Joni-May Lowe, Celestine Mahieux

Grade 2:
DISTINCTION – Bliss Billson, Christina Salisbury
MERIT – Ellie-Mae Le Tissier, Leonie Tustin

Grade 4:
DISTINCTION – Abigail Dempster, Olivia Le Friec
MERIT – Olivia Fraser, Renee Hubert, Natasha Luggar, Megan Mahy, Robyn Munro, Isabelle Tustin, Eleanor Wallis.

Grade 5:
DISTINCTION – Alice Allen, Nicole Brache, Emily Mc Laughlin, Jessica Quittenden.
MERIT – Deanna Ferguson, Ellen Fell, Tillie Green, Kitty Maddison

Grade 6:
DISTINCTION – Adele Carre, Alice Dewsnip, Olivia De La Mare
MERIT: Tasmin Ferguson, Phoebe Morgan, Victoria Perrio, Alanna Roussel, Samantha Sweeney.



DISTINCTION – Isabelle Tardivel
MERIT – Lea Phillips

Grade 1:
DISTINCTION – Bliss Billson, Alicia Powell, Emily Mourant
MERIT – Fabienne Leathem, Talia Nuttall

Grade 2:
DISTINCTION – Marina Haynes, Elisha Horsepool, Hannah Langlois, Rebekah Le Friec, Imogen Mitchenall, Ingrid Morley, Claire Powell, Emma Powell, Giorgia Phillips, Abigail Tardivel

Grade 6:
DISTINCTION – Alice Dewsnip, Lia Tostevin
MERIT: Vicky Perrio

DISTINCTION – Eleanor Van Leuven
MERIT – Rebecca Case