Guernsey Festival of Dance 2019


After an amazing week at the Guernsey Festival of Dance, we are so proud to be able to report the following placings and trophies!


Ewan Mauger – Joanne Fletcher Cup for most promising competitor 13 & under 20

Jemima Vhadra – Joyce Down Trophy for Classical Greek under 13yrs


Scarlett Mauger & Ewan Mauger Greek duet

Jake Taylor & Jemima Vhadra Modern duet

Ewan Mauger Character E

Lily Wyatt-Nicolle Greek D

Jemima Vhadra Greek C


Under 20 Modern To This Day

Beatrice Forget Pre-Primary class

Ruby Le Poidevin & Chloe Ferbrache Greek duet

Elisha Horsepool & Ewan Mauger Tap duet

Ivy Botzenhardt Song & Dance E

Tallulah Hutchison Primary class

Lily Wyatt-Nicolle Character D

Ewan Mauger Modern E

Lily Wyatt-Nicolle, Ellie-Mae Le Tissier, Scarlett Mauger Greek trio

Felicity Febrache National A


Under 9 ballet Christmas at The North Pole

Under 9 modern Stray Cat Strut

Under 20 Greek Game of Thrones

Under 20 tap Both Reached for The Gun

Elisha Horsepool Tap E

Cai Hoyte Modern B

Jake Taylor Modern B

Elisha Horsepool Character E

Jemima Vhadra Character C

Scarlett Mauger Character D

Lani Girard Greek D

Felicity Ferbrache Greek A

Amelie Sheridan Greek B


Under 9 Modern Toot Sweets

Under 13 Greek Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them

Ewan Mauger Tap E

Felicity Ferbrache Ballet A

Taya Smit Modern A

Chloe Ferbrache Primary class

Jake Taylor Greek B


There were many, many other achievements not noted above, whether it was doing their first ever solo, their first time on stage, a breakthrough with performance, or simply nailing a dance that they had previously struggled with, we are so so proud of every single dancer.