Guernsey Body Conditioning Classes

For students already studying modern or ballet, Body Conditioning, and NEW Leaps, Kicks & Turns classes are a great way to enhance your training in a more free class designed to strengthen and stretch.

Our body conditioning class is for 45mins, and I run a warm up – which usually lasts around 15 minutes, to increase the class’s stamina, and is also followed by stretching and strengthening exercises. I teach new and out-of syllabus dance movements to enhance the students dance step vocabulary – which in turn has a positive effect on their ISTD graded classes. We have also followed work-out DVDs in class.

Our NEW junior Leaps, Kicks & Turns class is for 30mins, and follows on from a graded modern class. We focus on developing strength and flexibility, which will in time develop into more and more difficult moves far above the normal skills taught at age 9-11yrs.

If you would like to book your free trial session, contact Miss Rhianna King 07781414940 or