Groups Photoshoot timetable

Below you can see the photoshoot timetable for 17th March.

Please arrive 20mins before your allotted time.

Please bring all costumes and accessories with you, and slick back hair neatly.

The Lost Amulet 10.00-10.10

The Playroom 10.10-10.20

Hairspray 10.20-10.30

The Pink Panther 10.30-10.40

Flower Festival 10.40-10.50

Sh-Boom 11.00-11.10

Tap Tap 11.10-11.20

One Night Only 11.20-11.30

Bingo Bango 11.30-11.40

Now We Are Free 11.40-11.50

Day At The Park 12.00-12.10

Pencil Full of Lead 12.10-12.20

Primavera 12.20-12.30

Le Onde 12.30-12.40

The Scare Floor 12.40-12.50

Tapping In The Rain 12.50-13.00