About The School

The Academy of Dance and Theatre Arts

Established by Dorothy C Hurrell (Langlois) during the German occupation of Guernsey, the Academy is the longest running dance school on the island still open today.

After being passed down to various teachers, it became The Dance Academy, and later The Academy of Dance & Theatre Arts.

The school has been based in several locations previously such as Le Foulon and The Carlton Hotel, before moving to the purpose-built studio we are in today back in 2008.

We offer I.S.T.D. Ballet, Tap, Modern & Classical Greek, iD-Contemporary dance and Acrobatic Arts from our purpose-built studio in Hougue du Pommier, Vale.

All teachers are DBS checked and have undergone child protection training. We attend several courses a year to add to our continuous professional development (CPD) as teachers, to ensure that your child receives the most up to date and current training.